I take a very personal approach to record production, focusing on the artist and song to deliver the right results for your audience.

Backed by tried-and-tested gear & techniques, I will work closely with you to get killer performances and develop tracks.


The right mix is essential to get across the vibe and intention of your songs. I strive to give your record the character that's right for you. No two records are the same, so unlike some, we never stick to presets. Whether you record with me, or bring multi-tracks to mix, you can be sure that I won't stop until I have big, exciting mixes that really reflect your sound.


I am highly experienced in providing multi-tracks and stems suitable for external mixing/remixing. I can provide clean, industry-standard formats that are properly labelled and easy to work with. I can even provide files fully phase-aligned, comped and edited if required.

Preparation of multi-track archives & stems are charged hourly, and files can be delivered via physical media or our own high-speed online storage.


Big, powerful and clear are the key words for me. I know how to get the most out of your mixes, and I know how to get them loud enough to stand out without killing the vibe. You'll get a complete set of files ready for manufacture, broadcast, download and streaming.

Please keep your mixes between 10 - 6 dBFS on your master bus.

Don't apply processing to the master bus. A few dBs gain reduction from a good buss compressor can be OK if you mixed into it, but generally any other processing severely restricts what I can do.


24-bit 44.1kHz 32-bit stereo interleaved WAV files preferred, but other formats are usually fine.